My Work

My Process



Let’s start with talking so we get to know each other.



The more we talk, the more we understand each other. I love to understand you, your business, your need or your problem first, so I know how I can help.



Based on your business, your need or your problem, I design a product that represents you or your brand.



I always make sure all my clients are happy with the results.

A Little bit more about me

My name is Jam. I am a US-based designer, originally from Thailand. I have been in design business since 2009. I have a strong background in graphic design, textile design and I enjoy my new favorite app and web design skill. I believe “design” has a basic rule of thumb…to solve a problem. With variety of design experiences that I have, I always apply a new perspective from different design field to my work.

Chutipan Singtokaew

Let’s work together.