Project Summary

75% of people spending money buying the same items that they already have because they forgot where they put it. Piczit is an app for keeping track of where you keep you things without extra device. Use your phone to snap a picture of where you put your things and store it in the app . You can categorize it by tools, accessories, light bulbs, batteries or by places for example garage, pantry, first cabinet in the living room or etc… You can make a short note to help remind you if you want. Upload personal valuable object on the app is not recommended. The app was built based on the believe that picture is one of the best things that can bring back memory.


–  Use a phone to snap a picture of where you put your stuff.

–  Store the picture in the app so it helps save time for the user to search for stuff.

–  Save the user from spending money on thing that he/she already have.

–  Save space in the house, the user will not overstuff unnecessary items.


1. Home Owner

2. Parents

3. Eldery

4. People who have a lot of stuff

John is a home owner, age 40. He lives in Westchester county, outside of New York city, with his wife and two kids plus one dog. He loves to fix everything  around the house by himself. He also love to work on his car when he has free time. He always buy things when he sees good deals including tools for himself and toys for his children. He has a busy life and do not have time to organize his stuff. With the help of this app:

– spend less time to find his tuff even though his house is not that organized

– spend less money because he does not buy duplicate things

– save space in his house

Client/Designer Goal:

1. Help people save time and money

2. Creating a new functional app

3. Make the user’s life easier by helping them organize stuff

4. Make money out of the app

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MacOS app that helps you track your devices and people who allow you o track them.


use a phone to spa a phot of wheer you park your car and using  GPS to track you back to the spot.


you buy a bluetooth tracker and put it in your items. The app use bluetooth to keep track of the location of the tile that is in your item.


I chose to go with simple and clean design so the user can focus on the functionality without too many design distractions. My main focus is that the app should be easy to use so the user can finish one task in less click as possible.

Link for the prototype:



I have always wanted to create my own app that really help me with my own problem. And I found myself often buy stuff that I have already have because I could not remember where I put them. I did a research and could not really find any app that allows you to track your stuff without having to pay for an extra device. That was when I came up with my own idea of “Piczit”.