Thai A Day

Thai restaurant concept that truly serve authentic Thai food. The restaurant has a fixed menu for each week so the customer needs to be able to see menu of the week and make a reservation in advance online. The website also has to have an option for a customer to make and order online.

Based on the concept of the restaurant, I came up with target audience and persona that would suit the concept.

Then I separated out the client and user need. That way I have a better understanding on what features to have on the website so they enhance the user experience . Also understand how I can lay it out all the important call of actions to serve the client needs.

Then I laid it out the content and functionality requirements .

Sitemap and wireframes were created based on the functions and features that suite both user and client needs.

Mood board was done for client’s review. I tried to keep it modern yet sophisticated suitable for the target audience group and the brief from client. The red represents hot and spicy of Thai food. The gold represent the color of Thai temple and buddha statues. The neutral color palette represents the modernize feeling of the site. It will also help pop the yellow and the red out for the “call to action” button.

I designed a logo for the website. The look and feel has to shout out Thai but in a modern way.

The outcome: Everything came out as planned. If I have to redo this project again I would maybe find a way to merge the oder online page with the menu page.