Tune Time App

Tune Time App 

Type: Mobile App

Capacity: UI design


  • Created product from scratch
  • Visual design
  • Created visual design mood board
  • Created pattern library
  • Created logo for the app
  • Created final app design


I did a research and found that there are a lot of guitar tuning app out there that were 

created for an adult/professional guitarist. Mean while there are a lot pf kids who are taking lesson for acoustic and classic guitar. I came up with an idea to create a guitar tuning app that is suitable for kids and pre-teens who just start to learn how to play guitar. This app focuses specifically on acoustic and classic guitars. Without having to wait for an adult to help tuning their guitars; kids can tune their guitars by themselves by allowing the microphone on a phone or a tablet to catch the sound of each string.The young acoustic and classic guitarists will learn more about guitar notes and will feel like a professional by being able to tune their guitars by themselves. The app will be more simplify yet still give a feeling of a professional tool, no advanced setting so it is easier for kids to learn how to use it on their own.